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Bonds takes a fresh approach to modular seating. Inspired by the concept of a Jacob’s Ladder, a toy made up of loosely bonded segments, Bonds employs a unique mechanism that connects individual units in countless configurations. The free-form design strikes a balance between playful innovation and simple functionality.

The Jacob’s Ladder concept is enabled with a strap kit attachment that remains invisible until put in use. The straps are attached at the bottom corner which allows a unit to pivot at either end. The unit can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise a full 180º yet remains attached, allowing for adaptation while providing a degree of control over spur-of-the-moment repositioning by users.

Bonds creates an impression of simplicity and ease through softened edges sheathed in fabric that appears to be folded up and over the top of the seat. Double-stitched seams add a visual and tactile detail that contributes to durability and length of life, as well as aesthetics.

Bonds is ideal in spaces where people gather to work, converse, relax or rest. The collection is comprised of seating modules that connect in various configurations; plus auxiliary tables that provide surface, storage and access to electrics. Tables tucked between modules permit combinations that form a curve or angle suited to the space and activity.

Bonds allows for a spectrum of creative expression. While a single fabric must be used to upholster each module, ample creativity is achieved by choosing quiet neutral tones or vibrant colors; fabrics with a smooth hand or deep texture; light or dark wood finishes.

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