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Height-Adjustable Bench Navigate

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Infuse movement into your work space. The Height-Adjustable Bench provides each individual user the freedom to control their movement while working. Sit/stand height-adjustability allows users to frequently alternate their body posture throughout the work day. A wide product scope ensures seamless integration of height-adjustability into bench planning environments.,

The Height-Adjustable Bench is based on the Navigate electric sit/stand mechanisms and aesthetic.

Single or linked, stations create a workspace where users are empowered to choose their sit/stand work heights without compromising privacy or technological requirements.

Aesthetic and physical integration with Interpret, Leverage and other Teknion systems products is supported in an offering focused on systems details, common screen datums, multiple electric packages and three ranges of electric height adjustment.

User Focus

• Three sit/stand electric ranges: Standard 27-43 inches, Extended-Restricted 25-48.7 inches, Extended-Extended 22.6-48.7 inches

• Readily accessible worksurface and under-worksurface power options available

Space Division

• Screens available in various heights in Fabric, Glass and Solid

• End and Mid-Gables provide space division from the frame to the floor, creating spaces for modular electrics and technology cable management

• End of Run Screens provide privacy and space division from above the desk to the floor finishing the end of a bench run


• Navigate Height-Adjustable Bench integrates between or at the end of an Interpret run

• Matching District, Interpret and Leverage screen datum heights and finishes allow easy integration across a floor plan


• Height-Adjustable Bench can be planned using modular electrics or by using existing facility receptacle sources

• Ceiling and floor power sources connect to provide full power throughout the entire system run

• Vertically oriented power modules efficiently accommodate different plug/technology requirements

• System specifies easily with various circuit and grounding configurations

Planning Scenarios

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