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Height-Adjustable Bench

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The office needs to move. The Height-Adjustable Bench provides each user individual control of their work and movement. A wide product scope allows sit/stand height adjustability to be easily integrated in bench planning environments.

The Height-Adjustable Bench is based on the Livello electric sit/stand mechanisms and aesthetic.

Single or linked, stations create a workspace that fully supports user sit/stand work heights, technology requirements and individual privacy.

Aesthetic and physical integration with Interpret™, Leverage® and other Teknion® systems products is supported in an offering focused on systems details, common screen datums, multiple electrical packages and two ranges of electric height adjustment.

User Focus

• Two sit/stand electric ranges: Standard 27-43 inches, Extended 22-48 inches

• Readily accessible worksurface and under-worksurface power options available

Space Division

• Screens available in various heights in Fabric, Glass and Solid and

• End and Mid-Gables provide space division from the frame to the floor, creating spaces for modular electrics and technology cable management


• Height-Adjustable Bench integrates between or at the end of an Interpret run

• Matching District, Interpret and Leverage screen datum heights and finishes allow easy integration across a floor plan


• Height-Adjustable Bench can be planned using modular electrics or by using existing facility receptacle sources

• Ceiling and floor power sources connect to provide full power throughout the entire system run

• Standard and High Capacity options accommodate different plug/technology requirements

• System specifies easily with various circuit and grounding configurations

Planning Scenarios

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Height Adj Bench Livello 5
Height Adj Bench Livello Gvommet Closed Open
Height Adj Bench Livello Gvommet Closed
Height Adj Bench Livello 4
Height Adj Bench Livello 3
Height Adj Bench Livello 1
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