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Teknion and design firm PearsonLloyd have sustained a creative partnership and collaboration that takes new form in Banqs™ – a seating collection shaped by the concept of multi-purpose settings that suit a mix of activities from thoughtful, focused work to informal meetings and social gatherings.

Designed for corporate, educational and public spaces, Banqs is comprised of sofas, screens, tables and accessories that create linear seating, hubs and booths. Banqs can be adapted as desired to form multi-use spaces adjacent to workstations or as a designated meeting space, lounge area or cafeteria.

Key Advantages


• Suitable for use in diverse spaces or for a variety of uses in one space

• A range of freestanding modular elements permits multiple planning formats and applications

• Integrates with interior architecture, but unlike custom millwork, Banqs can be reconfigured as needs change


• Designed to look and feel like residential seating; built to perform like a commercial product

• Comfort and craft elevate the Banqs product with sculpted cushions, detailed upholstery and cast aluminum legs


• A concise set of components makes Banqs easy to plan, specify and install

• Enables layouts that optimize space in back-to-back, perimeter and open plan formats Accessories such as A/V integration and a table lamp enhance functional needs

A/V Integration

• A TV or monitor can be mounted directly to the Banqs High Spanning Screen or to the building architecture. The Zones Power Pill gives users access to power/USB at the tabletop. Both options incorporate wire management.

Power Cube

• An optional Power Cube located below the seat provides a convenient power/USB recharging station.

Frame detailing

• Banqs sofas feature an upgraded cast aluminum frame leg that evokes residential furnishings. Banqs tables have a flat base, which allows for ease of entry and exit in booth applications. A 4-prong table base is also available.


• The Zones Table Lamp integrates with the Banqs table to provide ambient lighting that evokes a domestic mood.


• Banqs’ design allows layering of color and texture with individual upholstery options on the seat, bolster and screen. Adding Zones loose pillows further enrich the aesthetic.

Fabrics & Finishes

• Banqs can be upholstered with high-performance textiles to provide durability and ease of cleaning in high-traffic spaces. A full range of Luum and leather options are available as well as COM/COL. Tables are available in laminate, veneer, Flintwood and Seamless, further expanding creative options.

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