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Marketplace™ reinvents the worktable, achieving an uninterrupted and unsupported span up to 20 feet that fosters creativity and collaboration in team-based office environments. Marketplace is a visually dramatic response for open collaborative workspaces including meeting, touch-down and team areas; as well as open plan spaces designed to accommodate multiple project teams.

By nature, teamwork and collaborative environments require less space. Marketplace is scaled to respect space limitations, accommodating eight 60-inch-wide work desks while cleverly incorporating human aspects of work – personalization of space, storage and well-designed privacy options – which offer a more adept approach to smaller spaces.

Generous wire management capabilities make it ideal for technologically intense applications

Visually and functionally different, Marketplace offers significant advantages over existing worktables:

• A lightweight truss achieves an uninterrupted and unsupported span up to 20 feet – the longest free span in the industry

• Worksurfaces adjust in height independently of each other from 29 and 32 inches

• Accessories such as flat screen monitor arms, canopy lights and task lights mount along the truss, freeing up valuable worksurface real estate

• A canopy extending the full table length provides ambient lighting and creates a sense of place

• Center-mounted Screens and lateral Screens provide visual and territorial space division

• Screens, paper trays, worksurface extensions and storage pedestals offer functionality and create a complete workstation

• Up to 3 inches of leveling

• Power or data cables are discreetly housed in the end panel and distributed via the supporting truss for quick access at the work surface

What’s New

Fall 2023

Marketplace with Auxiliary Worksurfaces
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