Expansion Wood





Standard Hutch - Wood Hinged Doors (ZEHNS)

Standard Hutch - Glass Hinged Doors (ZEHNP)

Double Tower Hutch - Wood Doors (ZEHDS)

Double Tower Hutch - Glass Doors (ZEHDP)

Single Tower Hutch - Wood Doors (ZEHSS)

Single Tower Hutch - Glass Doors (ZEHSP)

Tool Rail (ZEHA)

Mounted Tower - Full Wood Door (ZEVFS)

Mounted Tower - Full Glass Door (ZEVFP)

Mounted Tower - Open (ZEVFO)

Standard Wall-Mounted Overhead Cabinet - Glass Hinged Doors (ZEWNP)

Mounted Overhead Cabinet - Wood Hinged Doors (ZEPOS)

Mounted Overhead Cabinet - Glass Hinged Doors (ZEPOP)

Wall Panel for Mounted Overhead Cabinet (ZEPOW)

Wall Panel (ZEPA)

Tackboard - Wall Panel Mounted (ZEPWT)

Glass Markerboard - Wall Panel Mounted (ZEPWG)

Porcelain Markerboard - Wall Panel Mounted (ZEPWP)

Light Shelf for Wall Panel (ZEPAS)

Tackboard for Hutch (ZEHB)

Personal Organizers (PAX)

Wall-Mounted Storage with Solid Doors (ZEWNS)

Wall-Mounted Tackboard with Wire Management (ZEWBN)

Optional Top for Mounted Storage (ZEHOT)


Personal Organizers (PAX)

Personal Organizers are mounted on the Tool Rail (ZEHR) to facilitate paper management and storage.



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