LED Reading Lamp (THERL)

Power/Data Cube (THEPC)

Power/Data Center (THEPM)

Underworksurface Plug-In Power Bar (THEPP)

Communication Box (THEPD)

Power Box (THEPB)

Power Harness (THECP)

Base Feed (THECB)

Power Harness Extenstion (THECE)

Wire Management Cover - Adaptable Leg (THEML)

Base Feed Power Pole (THEMP)

Floor Box Cover (THEMB)

Wire Management Clips (THEMC)

Cable Tray (THEMW)

Square Grommet (THEGQ)

Cable Pass-Through Cover (THETC)

Power Kit - Library Table (THEPKL)

Base Feed Extension Harness - Library Table (THEPKE)

Power Kit - Peninsula Worksurface for Library Table (THEPKP)

Power Kit - ADA Extension for Library Table (THEPKA)


Base Feed Power Pole (THEMP)

The Base Feed Power Pole is used to safely route power and communication cables from the floor to the worksurface top.



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