Carrel Supporting End Screen - Solid (THSEE)

Carrel End Screen - Glass (THSEG)

Carrel End Screen - Solid (THSES)

Carrel Dividers - Single-Sided (THSCS)

ADA Carrel Dividers - Single-Sided (THSDS)

Carrel Dividers - Double-Sided (THSCD)

ADA Carrel Dividers - Double-Sided (THSDD)

Add-On Screen - Glass (THSAG)

Add-On Screen - Solid (THSAS)

Add-On Framed Screen - Glass (THSFG)

Add-On Framed Screen - Fabric (THSFF)

Retrofit Cover for Library Table with Dividers (THSRC)


Carrel End Screen - Solid (THSES)

This screen attaches at the end of a Library Table or ADA Extension for Library Table (Single- or Double-Sided) and must be used with Carrel Dividers to provide space division.



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