Focus Zone - Solo (ZNCFS)

Focus Zone - Twin (ZNCFT)

Collaborative Zone - Twin (ZNCCT)

Office Zone (ZNCEE)

Lounge Zone - Solo (ZNCGS)

Lounge Zone - Twin (ZNCGT)

Lounge Zone - Four (ZNCGF)

Open Lounge Zone (ZNCHT)

Coffee Lounge Zone – Four (ZNCCF)

Lounge Meeting Zone - Four (ZNCAM)

Digital Lounge Meeting Zone - Four (ZNCAN)

Task Digital Meeting Zone - Four (ZNCAD)

Bar Digital Meeting Zone – Four (ZNCAS)

Fabric Buffer - Flat (ZNCBF)

Quilted Fabric Buffer (ZNCBQ)

Zones Worksurface (ZNWW)

Kit of Worksurface Supports (ZNWS)


Lounge Zone - Twin (ZNCGT)



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