Square Meeting Table (ATMS)

Circular Meeting Table (ATMC)

Triangular Meeting Table (ATMT)

Rectangular Meeting Table (ATMR)

Oval Meeting Table (ATMV)

Boat Meeting Table (ATMB)

Audience Square Boardroom Table (ATBS)

Audience Circular Boardroom Table (ATBC)

Audience Rectangular Boardroom Table (ATBR)

Audience Oval Boardroom Table (ATBV)

Audience Boat Boardroom Table (ATBB)

Audience Video Conference Table (ATVC)

Hammock Kit (ATHK)

Media Shelf (ATSH)

Rail Mount Cable Manager (ATRC)


Hammock Kit (ATHK)

The Hammock Kit mounts to the horizontal support rail, underneath the boardroom table surface to provide casual storage space for power & data cables and equipment.



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