Transit (includes Ability)





Freestanding Rectangular Desk (Flush Ends) (TDRFF)

Freestanding Rectangular Desk (C-Legs) (TDRCC)

Rectangular Return (Flush End/C-Leg) (TRRFC)

Rectangular Return (C-Legs) (TRRCC)

EDP Return (Flush End/C-Leg) (TREFC)

EDP Return (Flush End) (TREFN)

Rectangular Bridge (TBRNN)

Bullet Return (TRBS)

Radius Corner with Return (Flush End/C-Leg) (TRCFC)

Corner Linking Worksurface (TLRA)


Freestanding Rectangular Desk (Flush Ends) (TDRFF)

The Freestanding Rectangular Desk (Flush Ends) can stand alone or be used in combination with other freestanding units and can migrate between freestanding and panel applications.



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