Transit (includes Ability)





Freestanding Rectangular Desk (Flush Ends) (TDRFF)

Freestanding Rectangular Desk (C-Legs) (TDRCC)

Rectangular Return (Flush End/C-Leg) (TRRFC)

Rectangular Return (C-Legs) (TRRCC)

EDP Return (Flush End/C-Leg) (TREFC)

EDP Return (Flush End) (TREFN)

Rectangular Bridge (TBRNN)

Bullet Return (TRBS)

Radius Corner with Return (Flush End/C-Leg) (TRCFC)

Corner Linking Worksurface (TLRA)


Rectangular Return (Flush End/C-Leg) (TRRFC)

The Rectangular Return (Flush End/C-Leg) is a semi-supported unit that may be used



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