Transit (includes Ability)





Modular Panel with Raceway (TPM)

Modular Panel without Raceway (TPMN)

Super Panel with Raceway (TPX)

Super Panel without Raceway (TPXN)

Panel Raceway (TPR)

Door Panel (TPD)

Add-On Module 6" High (TPX06)

Add-On Module 15" High (TPX15)

Add-On Module TPM42 (TPXD)

Add-On Module 30" High (TPX30)

Add-On Module Lay-In (TPXL15)

Privacy Screen (TPSF)

Bridge (TP)

Panel T (TPTB)

Divisional Screen (TDS)


"Add-On Module 15" High" (TPX15)

The Add-On Module 15" high can be added to the top of any Transit panel and accepts the full range of Transit elements.



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