Transit (includes Ability)





Universal Connector (TUC)

Two-Way 90 (TCC_1)

Three-Way 180 (TCC_2)

Four-Way 90 (TCC_3)

Intermediate Two-Way 90 (TCI)

Intermediate Three-Way 180 (TCI_1)

Full-Height Panel Spacer (TCC_4)

Full-Height Spacer Cover (TEC)

Intermediate Panel Spacer (TCI_2)

Intermediate Spacer Cover (TEI)

End Trim (TTE)

Intermediate Trim (TTI)

Top Trim (TTT)

Four-Way Connections Four-Way No Cap (TNC)

Wall Adapter (PWA)

Mid Run 90 On-Module Connector/Spacer (Lyft) (HCMT)

End Run 90 Connector/Spacer (Lyft) (HCET)

Thin Panel Connector 90 (Lyft) (HCH9)

Thin Panel End Trim (Lyft) (HET)

Thin Panel Intermediate Trim (Lyft) (HIT)


Top Trim (TTT)

Top Trim is a finishing treatment which covers the top horizontal rail of the panel.



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