Overhead Cabinet (DSF)

A4 Overhead Cabinet (DSFM)

Flipper Door Unit (S)

Shelves (Double Wall/Open Storage) (S_1)

Shelf (DSO)

Shelves (Single Wall/EDP) (S_2)

Shelf Divider (BK61)

Shelf Divider and Paper Organizer (BK)

Wire Book Organizer (BK60)

On-Module Hooks (SFOM)

Wall Adapters (Horizontal, Single/Double Component) (FC)

Accessory Rail (PAR)

Tackboard (AT)

Lock & Keys (K)

Set of Keys Alike (SOKL)


Shelf Divider (BK61)

"The Shelf Divider separates books, paper, binders and other items on the Shelf (DSO) and in the Overhead Cabinet (DSF)."



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