Freestanding Rectangular Desk (GDRRN)

Rectangular Return with Full Gable (GDRFN)

Rectangular Return with Full and Half Gable (GDRSN)

Rectangular Bridge with Half Gable (GDRHN)

Rectangular Bridge with Two Half Gables (GDRDN)

Corner Desk (GKCDN)

Corner Desk with Curve (GKVDN)

Split Corner Desk with Keyboard Support Surface (GKXDN)

EDP Bridge with Two Half Gables (GKDN)

Conference Bullet Desk with Full and Half Gable (GCBSN)

Conference Bullet Desk with Two Half Gables (GCBDN)

Hutch with Flipper Door (GHF)

Hutch Accessory Element (GEA)

Hutch Tackboard Element (GET)

Hutch Multi Element (GEM)

Hutch Wire Manager (GHW21)

Rectangular Worksurface (GWSN)

90 Corner Worksurface (GWPSN)

90 Corner Worksurface with Curve (GWSCN)

EDP Worksurface (GWDN)

Bullet Top (GWSBN)


Piano Top Worksurface (GWCBN)

Full Gable (GGFN)

Half Gable (GGHN)

Shared Gable (GGSN)

Corner Gable (GGCN)

Panel-Attached Full Gable (GGPN)

Standard Modesty Panel (GMN)

Inside Modesty Panel (GIN)

Outside Modesty Panel (GON)

Shared Gable Assembly (GBSN)

Modesty Wire Tray (GMT)

Circular Table (GTC)

Square Table (GTS)


Inside Modesty Panel (GIN)

The Inside Modesty Panel is a mandatory structural component which provides privacy as well as stability for a Corner Desk.



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