Expansion Desking




Linear LED Light (RLED)

Mounted Storage Utility Light (RLTY)

Universal Light (RTU)

Shelf Adapter for Universal Light (RLSA)

Cable Tray (RLWT)

Communications Box (RLUDB)

Underworkwurface Plug-in Power Bar (RLPP)

Worksurface Power and Communication Center (RLDCC)

Power/Data Cover Kit (RLMSP)

Power and Data Center (RLDMP)

Power Box (RLDU)

Chicago Power Box (RLCU)

Distribution Box (RLDSB)

Beam Cover (RLDEC)

Power Harness Extension (RLDS_)

Power Harness (RLDC_)

Base Feed (RLDB_)

NYC Split Base Feed (RLBS)

Ceiling Feed (RLDF)

Column-Mounted Power Pole (RLSP)

Power Pole Divider (RLSD)

Lateral Power Pole (RLPS)

Desking Grommets (RAG)

Rectangular Grommet (RAGC)

Cable Pass-Through Cover (RAWPC)


Linear LED Light (RLED)

The Linear LED Light is mounted to the underside of all Desk-Mounted Shelves, Desktop Cabinets, Overhead Cabinets and Shelves. It provides local task or ambiance lighting.



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