Expansion Cityline





Functional Screen – Metal (JNSFM)

Sit and Slide Screen – Metal (JNSSM)

Sit and Slide Screen – Felt (JNSSE)

Sit and Slide Screen with Accessories – Metal (JNSSA)

Casual Board – Glass (JNSCG)

Casual Board – Felt (JNSCE)

Solid Add-On Screen – Beam-Mounted (JNSASB)

Solid Add-On Screen – Desk-Mounted (JNSASW)

Glass Add-On Screen – Beam-Mounted (JNSAGB)

Glass Add-On Screen – Desk-Mounted (JNSAGW)

Fabric Add-On Screen – Beam-Mounted (JNSAFB)

Fabric Add-On Screen – Desk-Mounted (JNSAFW)

Felt Add-On Screen – Beam-Mounted (JNSAEB)

Felt Add-On Screen – Desk-Mounted (JNSAEW)

Worksurface Edge Screen – Glass (JNSWEG)

Solid Elevated Screen – Beam-Mounted (JNSESB)

Solid Elevated Screen – Leg-Mounted (JNSESL)

Solid Elevated Screen – Worksurface-Mounted (JNSESW)

Glass Elevated Screen – Beam-Mounted (JNSEGB)

Glass Elevated Screen – Leg-Mounted (JNSEGL)

Glass Elevated Screen – Worksurface-Mounted (JNSEGW)

Fabric Elevated Screen – Beam-Mounted (JNSEFB)

Fabric Elevated Screen – Leg-Mounted (JNSEFL)

Fabric Elevated Screen – Worksurface-Mounted (JNSEFW)

Felt Elevated Screen – Beam-Mounted (JNSEEB)

Felt Elevated Screen – Leg-Mounted (JNSEEL)

Felt Elevated Screen – Worksurface-Mounted (JNSEEW)

Felt Corner Elevated Screen (JNSECF)

Floor Screen – Beam-Mounted (JNSFSB)

Floor Screen – Leg-Mounted (JNSFSL)

Floor Screen – Worksurface-Mounted (JNSFSW)

Floor Screen with Glass – Beam-Mounted (JNSFGB)

Floor Screen with Glass – Leg-Mounted (JNSFGL)

Floor Screen with Glass – Worksurface-Mounted (JNSFGW)

Glass Markerboard – Floor Screen-Mounted (JNSMF)

Linking Strip for Glass Screen (JNSLS)

Worksurface Retrofit Cover (JNSWRC)


Glass Elevated Screen Leg-Mounted (JNSEGL)



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