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Structural Beam (JNDBB)

Structural Post (JNDPC)

Structural Post with Front Leg (JNDPF)

Structural Leg – Single-Sided (JNDLS)

Structural Leg – Double-Sided (JNDLD)

Bench Stabilizer (JNDBS)

Structural Solid Gable – Single-Sided (JNDGS)

Structural Solid Gable – Double-Sided (JNDGD)

Structural Leg – Fence (JNDLF)

Structural Leg – Beam-Mounted Cabinet (JNDLL)

Structural Leg – Peninsula (JNDLP)

Structural Beam Cover – Side (JNDBCS)

Structural Beam Cover – Top (JNDBCT)

Structural Beam Cover – Bottom (JNDBCB)

Structural Leg Cover – Top (JNDLC)

Structural Leg Bracket for Worksurface (JNDLW)


Structural Beam (JNDBB)



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