Desk Top Casual Screen (UNSDT)

Desk Top Mounted Screen (UNSBWS)

Desk Edge Screen (UNSDE)

Desk Edge Screen – Glass (UNSDEG)

Desk Edge Screen – Full-Height (UNSFDE)

Desk Edge Screen – Full-Height Glass (UNSFDG)

Modesty Screen (UNSM)

Floor Screen (UNSF)

Floor Screen Extended Leveling Kit (UNSFXL)

Storage Screen (UNSSS)

Solid Lateral Screen with Glass (UALSG)

Solid Lateral Screen (UALSS)

Panel Wall Add-On Screen – Solid (UNSPS)

Panel Wall Add-On Screen – Glass (UNSPG)

Panel Glass Blade for Panels with Inset Glass (UYSPG)

Bridged Glass Blade for Panels with Inset Glass (UYSCG)


Floor Screen (UNSF)

The Floor Screen attaches to the worksurface to provide space division. Its Top Rail supports selected Personal Organizers (PAX) (see the Screens Application Guide for details) It also accepts attachment of a Vertical Cable Manager (UNVC) (see electrics section).



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