Power Box (UNQPR)

Receptacle (UNQRO)

Power Harness (UNQBHR)

Base Feed (UNQBFR)

Split Base Feed (UNQBFSR)

Ceiling Feed (UNQCFR)

Power Pole (UNQEP)

End of Run Power Pole (UNQEPR)

Cable Trough (UNQCT)

Vertical Cable Manager (UNVC)

Data Extender Plate (UNQDE)

Compatibility Power Harness (UNQCMP)

Chicago Power Box (UNQPRCH)

Chicago Base Feed (UNQBFRCH)

Chicago Ceiling Feed (UNQCFRCH)

Under Cabinet Wire Tray (EWWT)

Storage Base Feed (EWBF)

Chicago Base Feed (EWBFCH)

NYC Split Base Feed (EWBFS)

Storage Ceiling Feed (EWCF)

Chicago Ceiling Feed (EWCFCH)

Storage Power Harness (EWBH)

4-Way Splitter (EWDB)

I-Connector (EWIC)

Flush Mount Power & Data (EWQP)

Chicago Flush-Mounted Power Box (EWQPCH)

Storage Receptacle Outlet (EWRO)

Cubby Power Monument (EWQPM)

Chicago Cubby Power Monument (EWQPMCH)

Storage Power Pole (EWEP)


Base Feed (UNQBFR)

The Base Feed delivers power to a Panel Wall at base level and provides entry for data communication cables.



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