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Reception Desk Module - Straight (B_CRF)

Reception Desk Module - L-Shaped (B_CRL)

Reception Desk Module - U-Shaped (B_CRU)

Main Worksurface with Two Gables - Reception Desk (B_CWG)

Main Worksurface with One Gable - Reception Desk (B_CWL)

Main Worksurface - Reception Desk (B_WU)

Cross Grain Return - Reception Desk (B_CWR)

Reception Desk Element - Tackboard (BCAT)

Reception Desk Element - Accessory Rail (BCAR)

Straight Countertop (B_CSS)

Single Bullet Countertop (B_CSB)

Double Bullet Countertop (B_CBB)

Straight Corner Countertop (B_CSR)

Bullet Corner Countertop (B_CBR)

Countertop Element - Tackboard (BCFE)

Countertop Element - Perforated Metal (BCPE)

Countertop Element - Solid (BCLE)


Reception Desk Module - U-Shaped (B_CRU)

"This U-Shaped Reception Desk Module is assembled with specific reception desk worksurfaces or attached to standard desk to create an aesthetic reception area."



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