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Peninsula Modesty Panel Solid (BAMPL)

Peninsula Modesty Panel Metal (BAMPM)

Suspended Modesty Panel Solid (BASML)

Suspended Modesty Panel Glass (BASMG)

Suspended Modesty Panel Metal (BASMM)

Semi-Supported Gable with Spacers Solid (BWGG)

Semi-Supported Leg- Solid (BWGL)

Frame Leg Open (BWWO)

Frame Leg Full Infill (BWWF)

Fixed-Height Bevel Base - Solid End Panel (BWWB)

Elliptical Base (BWEB)

Central Square Post Leg (BWSQ)

Ellipse Leg (BWSE)

Column Leg (BWSC)

Central Round Post Leg (BWSP)

Angular Leg (BWAL)

Worksurface Edge Screen - Solid (BASWL)

Worksurface Edge Screen Glass (BASWG)

Table Screen - Fabric (BCTPF)

Table Screen Ribbed Translucent (BCTPT)

Multi-Functional Drawer (BADMF)

Accessories (BRAX)

Retractable Keyboard Shelf (RAKB)

Seat Cushion (BASC)

Elliptical Grommet (BLGE)

Rectangular Grommet (BLGC)


Accessories (BRAX)

Accessories enhance the function and organizational ability of a workstation. They provide compartmentalized storage under the worksurface.



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