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More dramatic and organic than the grid-based office of half a century ago, the modern office is defined by people and culture rather than an inflexible geometry.

The Modern Office represents office cultures that are fluid and flexible, with an emphasis on openness and communication. People work singly and together in light-filled landscapes that create no barriers to interaction, no impediments to mobility in a landscape of open worktables, individual workstations and soft spaces where low, comfortable seating invites a quiet break or casual conversation. Designed for a multi-dimensional workplace, Teknion products help people work alone or in teams, at any task, in every space and within any architectural envelope.

Teknion furniture projects a quiet elegance that fits seamlessly with the architectural simplicity of the modern office with its pleasing sense of order and clarity. At the same time, clean, crisp furniture shapes can be paired with a wide choice of finishes and textiles: understated neutrals to keep the “temperature” cool or bright accent hues for bold contrast and greater warmth.

Teknion offers an unparalleled range of systems and freestanding furniture, task chairs and soft seating, storage, space division products and accessories that have been designed to work across the variously scaled and defined spaces that constitute the 21st century office. Teknion furniture adapts to multiple planning scenarios, allowing for change with minimal disruption, mobility without friction, and adjusting to the different temperatures of activity that define the Modern Office, hot Tech Touchdown spaces and Traditional settings.

Design that works wherever you work

At Teknion, we believe in the power of design to address the complexity of the workplace with tools, systems and spaces that enhance the ability to interact, to create and innovate. We design products that fit a diversity of people, cultures, physical spaces and the nature of modern work practices.

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