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Studio TK Introduces Libelle, A Collection of Innovative Lounge Chair Options


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Each chair is readily adaptable to cater to private, individual settings and group interactions

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Oona Walsh

Director, Corporate Marketing

Teknion LLC



February 28, 2022

Studio TK today announced the launch of Libelle, designed by Khodi Feiz for Studio TK. Libelle was created to deliver a sense of privacy and offer a personal escape while providing enough flexibility to allow for small collaborative interactions.

“We were exploring the notion of privacy within a social context,” says Khodi Feiz, founder and industrial designer of Feiz Design Studio. “Just as important as having one-on-one interactions, it’s important to define privacy with a public space so that we can work on our own, focus, and go deep in ways that feel closed off from our surrounding environment and yet are deeply embedded within it.”

Dutch for “Dragonfly,” Libelle is a functional and whimsical collection of seating options, including a pouf, a low-back lounge chair, and a lounge chair with high-back privacy.

The Libelle lounge with privacy back incorporates a transparent knit mesh to offer solitude for personal escapes and small impromptu meetings. Libelle’s knit mesh delivers visual privacy without obstructing the workplace landscape. The transparency of the mesh allows the user to have visual privacy while signaling to others that the piece is occupied and avoids a surprising interaction when multiple colleagues are vying for its vacancy. An optional tablet arm is a versatile addition that will enhance functionality and be installed after it’s placed, to either the left or right side. The laidback but sophisticated style of Libelle is perfect for today’s flexible work environment.

Libelle’s 3D knit semi-transparent screen has 11 finishes to choose from. The base is available in a variety of powder coat finishes and the tablet surface comes in both wood veneer and laminate options. Together, the ability to customize Libelle to fit each user’s options leads to an endless possibility of personalized chairs. 

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