MEET Our People


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Challenge What's Possible

Teknion encourages entrepreneurial thinking by nurturing an environment that supports creativity at all levels. Our employees are the heart and soul of our business. To support their development is to enhance our biggest asset. 

We care about our employees. We have generations of families working here, including our founders. We make it a priority to rally behind community organizations. We celebrate our employees’ cultures and they share in our successes. We donate our time and product to organizations on a corporate and individual level. We have educated thousands of architects and designers because we believe that good and healthy design should be accessible to all, and that sharing knowledge and expertise is our responsibility.

We’re passionate and committed to exploring new opportunities and sharing our learning. It is our culture of curiosity and courage to not just ask “Why?” but “What if?” that inspires us. This culture not only defines who we are as a company, but also shapes where we are going. It helps us build a stronger platform from which to change, extend our reach and learn more as we advance.

With over 3200 employees, across more than 50 countries, through a worldwide network of over 340 authorized dealers, let’s work together to keep redefining what is possible. Grow with us.