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Contessa™ represents the modern classic of mesh seating, a refinement of function, comfort and style.

Contessa is a feature-loaded chair that is also easy to operate. Contessa's "smart operation" concept - an advanced, patented mechanism that employs levers conveniently located in the armrests - enables users to make adjustments while seated, encouraging accurate positioning and continuous movement. Movement is critical to healthy sitting, allowing the body to continuously regenerate and promote healthful circulation.

The optional Tess Mesh seat is uniquely tensioned from the standard Tess Mesh back. Upholstered seat options include a co-ordinating Tess Cloth or Luum Textiles offering.

• Synchro-tilt mechanism for ease of use and optimized posture

• Designed and tested for users weighing up to 250 lbs.

Seat Height

• Standard pneumatic cylinder provides height adjustment of 4.5 inches

• "Smart operation" adjustment enables user to adjust seat height from the seated position

Tilt Control

• "Smart operation" adjustment enables user to set the tilt control from the seated position and make continuous adjustments. Back can be locked in five positions or left to free flow

Tilt Tension

• Four settings provide minimum to maximum tension

• Correct tension keeps user's back in contact with chair - gives spine the critical support needed to maintain normal alignment

Lumbar Height and Depth

• Height raises or lowers up to 2 inches

• Depth adjusts backwards or forwards up to 1/2 of an inch

Armrest Pivot

• Arm pad adjusts 20 degrees inward and 10 degrees outward

Armrest Height

• Armrests adjust up to 4 inches

• Armrests enable the user's elbows to fall naturally down the body midline

Seat Depth

• Seat depth adjustment up to 2 inches

• Seat pan keeps user's lower body in motion

Optional Headrest

• Promotes a healthy position of the head and neck - maintains the spine's natural "C" curve in the cervical vertebrae

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June 2017