Optos® is a seamless glass wall system with a refined design aesthetic. The wall provides full-height space division with extensive leveling tolerances, as well as visual and functional integration with Teknion's Altos wall system. The Optos curved feature extends planning capabilities, enabling Optos to be easily planned and specified along a curved path.

Simple in concept and intelligent in design, Optos features:

• Sophisticated aesthetic – seamless transparency with precision-fitted joins project a highly refined image

• Functionality – two leveling ranges accommodate variations in floor surfaces

• Integration – connects with Altos and interfaces with building architecture

• Sustainability – design and materials support environmental responsibility

Finish/Material Options

• Single 10mm center-mounted glass available tempered or laminated

• Glass options – clear, frosted or graded-in glass from Teknion's Vanceva program

Seamless Transparency

• Glass-to-glass joins use unique transparent tape, creating a virtually seamless wall

Refined Detailing

• Low profile, unobtrusive base and ceiling trim provide a high degree of fit and finish

Curved Wall

• Glass modules facet to each other along a radius

• Length and angle of modules vary to conform to the radius to within ½ inch

Advanced Leveling Ranges

• Two base designs offer leveling ranges up to 1 1/8 and 2 inches

Acoustical Performance

• Tempered glass 34 STC; Laminate glass 35 STC


• Can be dismantled, moved and reused to extend product life cycle

Integration with Altos

• Optos connects with Altos to provide solid walls and support wall-mounted furniture

Building Interface

• Walls can begin at the building perimeter, window mullions, columns, bulkheads or drywall surfaces for maximum planning flexibility

What’s New

September 2015

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