Transit (includes Ability)





Universal Connector (TUC)

Two-Way 90 (TCC_1)

Three-Way 180 (TCC_2)

Four-Way 90 (TCC_3)

Intermediate Two-Way 90 (TCI)

Intermediate Three-Way 180 (TCI_1)

Full-Height Panel Spacer (TCC_4)

Full-Height Spacer Cover (TEC)

Intermediate Panel Spacer (TCI_2)

Intermediate Spacer Cover (TEI)

End Trim (TTE)

Intermediate Trim (TTI)

Top Trim (TTT)

Four-Way Connections Four-Way No Cap (TNC)

Wall Adapter (PWA)

Mid Run 90 On-Module Connector/Spacer (Lyft) (HCMT)

End Run 90 Connector/Spacer (Lyft) (HCET)

Thin Panel Connector 90 (Lyft) (HCH9)

Thin Panel End Trim (Lyft) (HET)

Thin Panel Intermediate Trim (Lyft) (HIT)


Intermediate Spacer Cover (TEI)

The Intermediate Spacer Cover is an intermediate-height finishing treatment which covers the exposed structural portion of specific corner types.



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