Expansion Desking




Supporting Pedestal with Drawers (RBHPS)

Supporting Tower with Lateral Access and Drawers (RBHAT)

Supporting Tower with Lateral Access and Door (RBHAD)

Supporting Tower with Door (RBHSC)

Extended Supporting Tower with Drawers (RBXT)

Extended Supporting Tower with Full Door (RBXTC)

Metal Pedestal (RBNSP)

Pedestal (RBSP)

Mobile Pedestal with Seat (RBTPS)

Suspended Pedestal (RBSS)

Freestanding Tower with Lateral Access and Drawers (RBAT)

Freestanding Tower with Lateral Access, Drawers and Wardrobe (RBATW)

Metal Combo Pedestal (RBNCP)

Combo Pedestal (RBCP)

Metal Lateral File (RBNLF)

Lateral File (RBLF)

Storage Cabinet (RBCD)

Storage Cabinet with Drawer(s) (RBSD)

Underworksurface Bookcase (RBSUB)

Half-Wardrobe Cabinet (RBSF)

Combined Wardrobe Unit with Open Shelves (RBSCO)

Combined Wardrobe Unit (RBSCL)

Half Wardrobe Unit with Drawers - Glass Door (RBCG)

Storage Unit (RBSU)

Storage Unit - Glass Doors (RBUSG)

Storage Unit with Wardrobe (RBUW)

Storage Unit with Wardrobe - Glass Doors (RBWUG)

Wardrobe Cabinet (RBSW)

Bookcase (RBOB)

Glass Markerboard - Freestanding Sorage Mounted (RACMF)

Porcelain Markerboard - Freestanding Sorage Mounted (RACMFP)

Supported Pedestal Kit (RBXSK)

Hang-On Kit (RBXHK)

Top for Metal Storage Cabinet (RSNRT)

Top for Storage Cabinet (RSRT)

Shelf for Wardrobe Cabinet (RSHE)

Gap Filler for Pedestals (RBGF)

Extrusion for Book Organizer (RBBO)

Hanging/Cross File Bar (RSLB)

Metal Storage Accessories (RBNSA)

Locks and Keys (K)


Storage Unit - Glass Doors (RBUSG)

Storage Unit with Glass Doors combines the filing capabilities of a Lateral File with the flexibility of a storage unit.



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