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January 2014 Launch - Teknion Textiles & Finishes

Textile Additions - Duality Collection

The Duality collection from Teknion Textiles comes on the heels of the Surface Tension collection, which explored the combination of textures and lusters within a large range of fabrics.

Duality takes this concept further, introducing yet more textures and materials into the brand’s range. Leathers, textural solids, high performance vinyls, slick lusters, plush textures, and vertical wall fabrics all make an appearance in the Duality collection.

This wide range of leathers, vinyls, and woven textiles make for many exciting juxtapositions of their own and with other fabrics from Teknion Textiles.

Flicker carded with new Teknion Textiles branding

Two Tone

Beaded Stripe
Beaded Stripe - New Refreshed Colors

Ultra Durable
Geo Lore
Patterns have been re-colored. Geo Lore previously named Ultra-Durable - Verve

Diamond Tech
Diamond Tech re-carded with new Teknion Textiles branding

Teknion's existing leather has ben renamed to "Base Grade Leather" and re-graded as LA
Three new leather qualities are graded as Merus (Grade LB), Pela (Grade LC) and Fortis (Grade LD)


Accent Colors extended to Back Painted Glass & Seamless finish

Teknion’s finish portfolio continues to evolve by extending the accent colors – Gala, Tangelo, Azure, Aqua and Gris into the Seamless category and also into a new Back Painted Glass finish category.

These bright accents offer rich hues and deep saturation ideal for color blocking, branding and way-finding when incorporated into product compositions. Seamless and Back Painted Glass are ideal finishes to combined with new Teknion Textile fabrics.


September 2013 Launch - Teknion Textiles

Teknion Textiles' first textile introduction, Surface Tension, is a 2013 Best of NeoCon Gold award winner. The collection uses duality, contrasting properties and opposing forces to create interest. The palettes incorporate a range of desirable warm and cool neutrals, including metallic tones inspired by earthy minerals as well as digital technology. Bright accents that offer rich hues and deep saturation are also predominant and are ideal for color blocking, creating gradation, branding and way-finding.

Specify the Surface Tension fabrics on Teknion products or visit www.tekniontextiles.com to learn more about Teknion Textiles and purchase them for your other COM applications.

Warp Speed

Cross Dye
Marl Cloth
Point Emboss
Velvet Underground
Full Wool

May 2013 Launch - Refresh

Seven Fabrics have been recolored by Suzanne Tick to co-ordinate with Teknion's finishes and the respond to demand for color blocking. A range of warm and cool neutrals as well as whites have also been added to work with today's popular architectural finishes. The edited selection of refreshed palettes leans toards environmentally friendly products, many of which have recycled content.

There is also a new addition to the line: Vista, a Grade 1 Panel Fabric.





We are currently refreshing our fabrics & finishes program to offer new and exciting selections that include:

•Coordinated colors to the newly introduced accent paint colors
•Updated neutrals
•New panel & seating patterns

Teknion has unveiled a collection of six updated and refreshed Accent paint colors for Interpret and existing products with Accent paint option.

The new Accent paints are the beginning of an integrated Accent color program for Teknion. These colors will be expanded to fabrics and other surface materials creating further color coordination possibilities.

Tangelo (90)
Gala (91)
Azure (92)
Aqua (93)
Verde (94)
Gris (95)

July 2012

Flintwood and Seating finish categories have been expanded increasing color coordination across product lines.

Five new Flintwood colors coordinate with the recently introduced Natural Veneer 4 finishes. These should not be used where a direct match is required. The five new Flintwood colors are – Acorn Flint, Sierra Flint, Java Bean Flint, Cocoa Brown Flint and Truffle Flint

To augment the existing wood seating category, the following colors will be introduced and will provide coordination across Teknion product lines. All seating colors are applied on Maple and include – Acorn, Sierra, Java Bean, Cocoa Brown and Truffle. Different wood species offer unique texture and grain. Due to the natural properties of wood, grain pattern and finish, color variation can be expected.

These new Flintwood and Seating colors coordinate with the five Veneer 4 finishes offered on Dossier, creating a truly integrated portfolio.

March 2012
New Finish Color - Very White

Very White is a bright, crisp white introduced in response to the need for a vibrant white in Teknion's fabrics and finishes portfolio. Very White is brighter than Storm White and is not recommended to be paired together. For products that have a secondary color selection, the recommended color choice is Platinum. Very White can be found across most finish categories.


New Veneer 4

The refined design of Dossier executive furniture is further enhanced with five new veneer colors – Acorn, Sierra, Java Bean, Cocoa Brown and Truffle – ranging from light, medium and dark. Selected exclusively for Dossier, these veneers are Rift Cut White Oak and slip matched for a natural linear grain appearance.

The veneers are found in a new category – Veneer 4 and are FSC-certified and offered without an upcharge.

Java Bean
Cocoa Brown


June 2011
New Grade 3 Seating Fabric

Class Act is a boucle textured fabric suitable for application on a range of seating from task to lounge. As a tone-on-tone fabric, it reads as a solid with a color choice broad enough to include a strong neutral range and hits of bright color.

Class Act

Carnegie Architectural Fabrics

Teknion has introduced a graded-in architectural fabric program with Carnegie featuring five new Xorel fabrics available in Grade 6.

Xorel yarn is a continuous monofilament of polyethelene, which is durable, cleanable, colorfast, flame retardant, anti-bacterial and environmentally sound. Nothing is added to the woven Xorel product to enhance performance - all properties are inherent to the Xorel yarn itself and are permanent properties of the material.

The Xorel name assures performance, quality and longevity and is backed by Carnegie through an unprecedented sevenyear product warranty.

Strie- Available in 16
Prism - Available in 3
Mesh - Available in 3
Meteor - Available in 6
Nexus - Available in 5


A new Graphic Steel (FW17) Flexweave mesh back color option provides additional aesthetic opportunities to coordinate the Visio chair with workplace finishes.

Graphic Steel


New Mica Paint Color

A new Mica paint option, Graphic Steel is Teknion's next step in paint finish options. This color is a deep saturated neutral with mica adding visual depth to the color surface. Graphic Steel adds a new dark, cool neutral to Teknion's standard program.



February 2011
Walnut Cathedralgrain

Walnut Cathedralgrain laminate provides a durable, cost-effective wood look for furniture.

Walnut Cathedralgrain laminate

New Grade A Panel Fabric

Tangle is a textured fabric that offers linear highlights in both color and sheen. The fabric will be offered in lighter cool and warm shades and a few stronger hues. Outstanding aesthetics and an aggressive price point will make it a popular choice. Tangle is made from 80 percent recycled polyester and 20 percent virgin polyester.

Tangle textured fabric

New Beeline, Wired Up and Flicker Panel Patterns

These three modern, yet classic, highend patterns are positioned in Grade 1. With their sophisticated, high thread-count, Beeline, Wired Up and Flicker work well in a wide variety of applications. They coordinate beautifully with Teknion’s wood and laminate finishes, as well as other fabrics and materials. Color focus is on lighter and cooler tones.

Beeline is a linear horizontal weave offered in subtle tone-on-tone colors
Wired Up’s geometric pattern is enhanced by its bright sheen yarns
Flicker is a very sophisticated tone-on-tone textured pattern


Grade 3 Panel Fabric Enhancements

Grade 3 panel fabric enhancements include new bright-white fabrics and colors added to the existing White Angle pattern. The all-white patterns – Design One and Design Two – play on the light and shade created by thick and thin yarns. These modern patterns address market requests for brighter white fabric in our standard collection. White Angle has been updated with new colors – toneon- tone White and Charcoal. 3- x 3-inch and 9- x 9-inch samples are available.

White Angle Charcoal

Contessa Mesh Available in Warm White

Warm White has been added to mesh color options for Teknion’s popular Contessa chair.


Grand Mohair Luxury Upholstery

A luxury upholstery option called Grand Mohair has been added to Teknion’s Graded-In Program. Mohair comes from an Angora goat. It has a smooth, silky hand and is hypo-allergenic. This product offers high abrasion – 80,000 double rubs. Grand Mohair complements lounge products like Vignette and other guest and boardroom seating. It is positioned at Grade 10.


For samples please contact: lbrooks@vescomamerica.com

October 2010

Laminates - In conjunction with the introduction of District laminate storage, Teknion is introducing two walnut wood prints in the Foundation and Source Laminate categories. The popular stainless color is also being added to the Source Laminate category. Within District materials specifications, these wood print laminates can be combined with solid colors on the same product to create a new look.

[+] Click to View Foundation & Source Laminate Images

Foundation Laminate Source Laminate      
Espresso Walnut Straightgrain
Walnut Rift
Espresso Walnut Straightgrain
Walnut Rift

Ringtoss White - Today, white is being used in more and more contract interiors. It is a color option that supports modern workstyles. A white color option has been added to the popular Ringtoss panel fabric. Ringtoss White features an odor-free, stainrepellent finish that protects the fabric from penetration of liquids, making it easier to clean.

The linear contrast pattern created in the weave provides the ground that the interlocking rings float on. The ring pattern can be seen up close and reads as a texture from a distance. The subtle character of this white fabric allows it to blend in a variety of environments.

[+] Click to View the Ringtoss White Image

Ringtoss White

Graded-In Offering - Teknion continues to update its graded-in programs. Two Crypton Green seating fabrics from Carnegie – Spot On and In Line – have been added. Crypton Green fabrics offer superior durability, cleanability, odor resistance and liquid impermeability. Maharam's Glint panel fabric has been added to the program. Glint’s lustrous, grid-like texture is produced withmetallic tapeyarns interwoven in a framework of thinner, matte yarns. The color palette is comprised of high-sheen metallic and pearl shades. Glint is a Grade 6.

For seating, perennial favorites Milestone, Messenger and Medium have been updated with new colors. Thirteen new Maharam seating fabrics ranging from Grade 6 to 8 have been added to the program. Maharam offers a comprehensive collection of enduring designs and fashion-forward concepts born of innovative technologies.

[+] Click to View Graded-In Images

In Line
Spot On


MAY 2010

Teknion has updated its graded-in program with new seating and panel fabrics, partnering with textile suppliers – Carnegie and CF Stinson – and refreshing the Luna and Maharam collections with new additions.

A graded-in program expands the textile options available on Teknion furniture.  These fabrics have been application-tested on our products and can be specified with the same ordering convenience as standard fabrics.

The new seating patterns are particularly well-suited for application on Teknion’s latest dna and Vignette soft seating. Many of these textiles have the cleanability features required in hospitality, healthcare and educational environments.

The sophisticated patterns can be used alone or mixed with Teknion’s standard fabrics to fit a desired aesthetic at a required budget.

For product application approvals, please see the notes section on the e-library or the Fabric & Finish Guide.

Maharam Seating Fabric
Maharam’s textile Mechanism, is a 3D knit in a technical grid pattern, available in 13 color options.
Carnegie Panel Fabric
Splish Splash
We have added six Carnegie panel fabrics with recycled polyester content.
Carnegie Seating Fabric
Carnegie seating fabrics include Dazzle a velvet look and Pebble, which has a Crypton® Green stain, moisture and bacteria-resistant finish. Adrenaline has a Nanotex® finish that resists spills.
CF Stinson Seating Fabric
The CF Stinson addition is called Ace and is available in 24 colors. Ace is a very usable solid pattern and has a stain-resistant, easy-to-clean Nanotex finish.
Luna Seating Fabric
Hatch Too
The Luna seating program has been updated with five refined and elegant patterns.
Maharam Seating Fabric
Maharam’s textile Mechanism, is a 3D knit in a technical grid pattern, available in 13 color options.


  JANUARY 2010


PolyBamboo is a collection of three unique seating fabrics that incorporates the sustainable rapidly renewable attributes of the bamboo plant with the recycled content and durability features of polyester.

Water is a classic solid pattern using the bamboo yarn as an accent. The small scale Rain pattern uses bamboo yarn as a dot/color accent. Wind is a large-scale graphic pattern with contrasting colors in the recycled polyester and bamboo.

The combination of recycled polyester and bamboo provides high abrasion – over 100,000 double rubs.  These innovative, attractive, durable and cost-effective seating fabrics offer excellent value at Grade 3.

Teknion’s PolyBamboo has an odor-free stain repellent surface that is odor free and protects the fabric from penetration of liquids. The dyes and finishes used do not contain heavy metals.

*Viscose from Bamboo is a regenerated cellulosic fiber made from bamboo pulp.

  Architectural Fabrics

Architectural Fabrics – Rib, Broadcloth & Donegal – have been designed for Altos’ Acoustic Fascias, Smart Fascia Tackable and Fabric Wrapped Fascias.

These sophisticated patterns have a linear appeal that compliments the clean lines and architectural look of Altos. The patterns and colors of these Architectural fabrics integrate with other fascia finish options and Teknion’s fabric and finish program.

Donegal & Rib are constructed from 100% recycled polyester. Broadcloth is 100% Polyester - Low Antimony (has less than 100 parts per million of any heavy metal of concern.)

  Specialty Glass

Teknion’s Specialty Glass category now offers 9 patterns by Skyline Design pre-approved for Altos and Optos.  

An environmentally-friendly etching process replaces harsh acid or sandblasting techniques.  The eco-etch material is captured and reused in a self-contained manufacturing process.



Flexweave is an innovative, high performance seating mesh fabric developed for the Visio chair.  The open weaves allows for increased air flow and user comfort providing increased flexibility to comfortably conform to and support individual back contours and shapes.

Flexeweave is 100% Polyester - Low Antimony.  Dyes pass stringent environmental protocols. 


  New York

Teknion’s existing New York seating fabric has been updated with color deletions and the addition of three new colors – Eggshell White, Carbon Blue & Sahara Frost.  New York has been newly constructed and now includes recycled polyester.