Teknion Launches Expanded Zones Collection at NeoCon 2017


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Several Additional Furniture Pieces Enable New Planning Paradigms While Acting as Natural Humanizing Touch Points

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June 12, 2017

Teknion Corporation today announced the launch of several new pieces to the Zones furniture collection at showroom #1048 during NeoCon 2017, June 12 to 14, The Mart, Chicago. Introduced at NeoCon 2016 as an alternative to the traditional office, Zones is a comprehensive series of furniture comprised of enclosures, screens, work and casual tables, many diverse types of seating, lighting, meeting room storage, food trolleys, easels, TV carts and more.

“We added new furniture pieces to the Zones collection to enable new planning paradigms,” said Tom Lloyd, PearsonLloyd. “As a furniture collection based on familiar forms, Zones provides key pieces that act as natural humanizing touch points. The functional aspect is reflected through Zones’ ability to transform the office, challenging convention and changing the way people experience work. The emotional, humanistic aspect is fundamental to Zones as the collection supports modern office tasks in a manner that recognizes the human craving for familiarity, warmth, comfort and empowerment.”

The new Zones furniture pieces launching at NeoCon – lounge furniture, lounge screens, casual tables, easels and lighting – were designed to encourage users to creatively assemble custom settings. By incorporating a few accessories or combinations of components, Zones enhances the work flow, comfort and productivity of any work environment, integrating across new and existing workplaces.

Workers today want a choice of welcoming venues in which to work and connect with others in a natural, informal way. With these new furniture pieces, Zones provides people with even more choice and access, creating new work environments.

Informal Productivity – As an alternative to the traditional office, Zones furniture collection is designed to give users choice and to create work environments that encourage informal productivity.

A Collection of Furniture – Zones is more than another product line. It is a comprehensive series of furniture components that can be combined with others to create an all-inclusive office furniture solution.

Human Office – Zones expresses an approach to design that recognizes the human need for spaces that are both practical and pleasurable to inhabit, that help people to feel at home – in the office.

“Zones contributes to an inviting and uplifting workspace via a skillful mix of materials and textures,” said Luke Pearson, PearsonLloyd. “Zones uses wood, drawing upon its inherent warmth. Wood plays a strong part along with textiles, offering visual and tactile warmth that sets a tone of domestication. Textiles allow for the full play of color, pattern and texture, acting as an antidote to the cool, hard surfaces of technology. Zones expresses an approach to design that recognizes the human need for spaces that are both practical and pleasurable to inhabit, that help people to feel at home – in the office.”

In addition new additions to the Zones furniture collection, Teknion will also be showing the Expansion Cityline furniture system, Altos Landscape wall collection and its height-adjustable Altos Desk, and the redesigned Nuova Contessa task chair. Visit Teknion’s tenth-floor showroom, #1048, during NeoCon 2017.