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The Butterfly Effect suggests that small changes in a system – such as the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings – can trigger connections that lead to resonant change. Teknion’s focus on the environment is proving to be such a trigger; it started small and grew to affect many, through the collective effort of each team member.

What does Teknion have to show for its community of connections? After going into the field to interview leaders and experts, the company has documented many of its achievements.

Small steps and actions over time become a history of responsible achievement, and a record of the process of change. And this knowledge should be freely shared in support of a better future.

Each story here is about progress based on responsibility. Teknion acknowledges that its environmental strategies have a life of their own, starting with certification and moving toward self-directed accountability. Each person in the company has embraced these values and acts on them – day in, day out.

This report is both an update and collaboration with those who will read it.