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We do not prescribe solutions. We listen, observe, then share the knowledge gained.

We are engaging our partners, stakeholders and customers to expand our perspective beyond reducing the environmental impact of the built environment, to also considering how that built environment can be a tool for improving health and well-being. We continue to use our WELL-certified showrooms as a tool for sharing insights into how to create healthier spaces.

We are pushing material transparency further by entering our product information into the mindful MATERIALS Library and attaining Declare certification for 58 products and textiles, and counting. As creative collaborators, we are constantly learning from our clients, benchmarking their best practices against ours to ensure we are raising the bar for everyone.



We're a little bit different...

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We keep the layers of decision making to a minimum bringing you agility and accessibility not typically seen in companies our size. Employees embody an entrepreneurial spirit and are empowered to share ideas and sustain a culture of excellence. The company is a powerful mix of strong leadership and independent-minded collaborators. It evolves but always sticks to its core entrepreneurial imperatives of ingenuity and initiative – Improve Everything. Change Nothing.

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Vertically Integrated

Our manufacturing story began with a commitment – to own our manufacturing capabilities. This commitment is as strong today as it was at our inception. Even while the industry has shifted toward out-sourcing, we continue to be vertically integrated and bring expertise in-house, because we know it’s the best way to keep us autonomous, diverse, creative and accountable.

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Curious & Collaborative

Students first. Teachers second. We innovate from the field because we’re curious and believe the learning is in the doing. We listen and observe then work to understand how we can help improve the future of the workspace. That’s how we advance ourselves and the industry.

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This design dictum steers our design and development philosophy - that the solution we arrive at with you meets the entire spectrum of your needs, today and tomorrow, anywhere in the world.

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Universally Aligned

A legacy of enterprise relationships. We have a history of servicing some of the world’s largest companies, household names like CitiBank, Ericsson, IBM and HP. Through ownership and control of our global supply chain, we employ a 360-degree approach to delivering local service on a global level.

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At Teknion, we pride ourselves on being accessible, authentic, human beings—members of a big company that act like a small company. We are family owned and operated and that entrepreneurial spirit empowers our teams to make big decisions quickly, so you never feel small. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we are very serious about designing the right solutions for our customers. We share a “can do, will do” attitude. And we designed our company to be agile, responsive and a little bit different, for you.




supporting healthy spaces

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Sharing Knowledge:
Education + Training



Every member of our sales team is trained and ready to support our customers in LEED and WELL alignment and/or certifi cation.

CEU courses we’ve offered

  • Designing for Health
  • Feeling Good to Feeling WELL
  • Designing for Human Behavior
  • Biophilia and the Healthy Workplace
  • Introduction to the WELL Building Standard






WELL Advocacy

Every member of our sales team is trained and ready to support our customers in LEED and WELL alignment and/or certification.

Mindful Materials (mM)

This collaborative library makes it easy for manufacturers to communicate product transparency and, in turn, for design teams and end-users to find environmental data and metrics on manufacturers’ products.

Teknion was a pioneer in the mindful MATERIALS Manufacturers Group and remains actively involved in contributing to the product database and advocating for a call-to-action within the A+D community on the importance of material health.

Mindful Materials (mM)

We use the Toxnot database to track chemical ingredients to streamline the Declare certification process for our products, as well as submission of sustainability information to the mindful MATERIALS database.


Tilt Shift by Luum Textiles:
made from apparel waste

Tilt Shift is comprised of 59% polyester and 41% recovered upcycled post-consumer cotton derived from apparel waste that has been collected, sorted by color, shredded and spun into yarn.

Click here to learn more about Tilt Shift




Spreading the love

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Teknion + Subaru:
Spreading the love through shared values


When it became time for Subaru to unify their 500-strong workforce into a single location, they chose to stay true to their roots and remain in New Jersey. Moving just a few kilometers from Cherry Hill to Camden, New Jersey not only cements their commitment to the local community they've supported for more than 45 years it also keeps them aligned with their Love Promise, the foundation of their brand. Thomas J. Doll (Tom), President & Chief Executive Officer, explains, “It’s a promise to do the right thing and a promise to support the communities in which we live and work.”

Keith Metzger, Director Corporate Real Estate & Administration at Subaru of America adds, “First we start out with a car people can love, then we move into a brand that people can love. And now we’re pushing that out to building a space that our own people can love.” Subaru’s new space is open and inclusive. Hierarchy is removed, light is shared and there is plenty of room for conversation, collaboration and connection. Keith expands, “Part of what we really wanted to do here is de-emphasize the workstation as the only place where work can get done. Everybody has their favorite perch point around the building to get things done.” Subaru has also built a Love Garden, where employees grow produce for donation to local food banks. Finally, Subaru of America headquarters, like its manufacturing plants, is a zero-landfill site. In partnership with TerraCycle, the world’s leader in the collection and repurposing of complex waste streams, Subaru collects all waste then upcycles it into quality products, like park benches, picnic tables and playground materials, which it then donates to Subaru community partners. The success of this new space for employees is obvious and a point of pride. Says Kristin Archer, Senior A+D Market Manager at Teknion, “You can see it on employee’s faces when they come in. They’re happy to be at work.”

For Subaru, it was of the utmost of importance to partner with a company who shares the same values. Tom expands, “The great thing about partnering with a company who shares the same values is that we don’t have to explain who we are.” Keith continues, “Our employees voted on the manufacturer they wanted to partner with and I have to tell you it wasn’t close in terms of selecting Teknion. We like it that Teknion is not a products and features furniture manufacturer. It’s a brand that aligns well with Subaru’s love promise. Our cares are similar.” Tom rounds out this sentiment by explaining the collaboration between Teknion and Subaru. “We care about our customers, we care about our community and we care about the planet. We call Teknion a partner because partners are in it for the same thing. That’s how we can help make the world a better place. That’s how we share the love.”


“We like it that Teknion is not a products and features furniture manufacturer. It’s a brand that aligns well with Subaru’s love promise. Our cares are similar.”

- Keith Metzger, Director Corporate Real Estate & Administration, Subaru of America




Living Building Challenge (LBC)


Faster Declare Certification

Working with our suppliers, we are creating a database that will validate the materials we use to meet the requirements for Declare/Red List Free standards. Not only will this allow us to better consider material selection at the design stage by having a preapproved list of materials, it will also create a pathway to help speed up the certification process. With several Declare labels and the first third-party certified Declare label, we continue to lead the industry in transparency with Declare.

Declare Certified products: Livello and Variable (shown), District, Projek, Interpret and Thesis (not shown)


WELL™ CERTIFICATION: Attaining WELL certification for our showrooms allows us to better advise our customers on the certification process and our learnings along the way. Educating designers & other stakeholders.


We are leading and advancing knowledge for those seeking WELL Accreditation through free WELL AP exam preparation courses for our customers and stakeholders. Attendees of our courses could represent half of all current WELL APs.


We have moved from a more prescribed conversation on sustainability in the built environment to a broader look at well-being through ongoing education courses such as: Regenerative Design, Biophilic Design and Human Outcomes, Designing for Health, The True Measure of a Space and the Way it Makes You Feel and A Circular Economy – A Tale of Market Transformation.

Teknion’s Boston showroom is WELL Certified Gold (shown).






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