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The Teknion Divert program is a turnkey service that provides the people and expertise to help our customers divert furniture and other assets they no longer need from landfill by providing them with the opportunity to sell, donate, and/or recycle them.  


Divert was established to help achieve Teknion’s and our clients’ goal of zero waste. Transparent and traceable, this program ensures our clients garner maximum financial and social benefit with minimum environmental impact to themselves and the communities in which they operate. 

We accept any size project and will take furniture and other assets from any manufacturer, even if you are not buying Teknion moving forward.




Your Divert Solution



We maximize the social return of your assets by matching them with CRA registered charities, and nonprofits in need of furniture.

  • An extensive network of vetted and registered nonprofits will be tapped into to identify potential beneficiaries for your donation.

  • We aim to donate items within 50-100km of the decommissioning site, which ensures your furniture makes a tangible difference in the communities in which you work and live. Staying local also minimizes the environmental impact of transporting your assets.

  • Recommendations on the type of nonprofits you want to work with are encouraged to make your donation more meaningful and relevant to your organization.

  • Donations are also measured using the appraised value of goods gifted, the associated transportation, and the value of the volunteer hours saved by receiving charities, to quantify the social fabric value that you provided.



Any furniture that cannot be resold or donated is disassembled and recycled in accordance with industry best-practice standards and at verified facilities. During this process, we often recover metals and other components that provide you with additional financial value..

  • All materials sent for recycling are tracked at every point to ensure responsible and ethical recycling procedures are followed from beginning to end.

  • All recycling and disposal facilities are vetted to ensure systems are in place for precise separation of materials to maximize the amount recycled. Any remaining, unrecoverable material is sent to approved waste-to-energy facilities whenever possible.



We sell as much of your furniture as possible, the value of which returns to you and offsets decommissioning costs. 


We accept a wide range of projects and will take furniture and other assets from any manufacturer, even if you are not buying Teknion moving forward.


How We Work With You

Your Divert solution can include some or all of these options.


Transparent Reporting

We track and report the social and environmental impacts of your diversion efforts for all assets that enter the Divert program.

This includes:

  • A clear and measurable line of site for all assets throughout their decommissioning.

  • Reports sent directly to you, customized with a variety of metrics and GHG equivalencies as preferred.

  • Environmental metrics like tonnes of material diverted from landfill and tonnes of CO2e avoided.

  • Charitable tax receipts for all assets donated upon project execution.

  • Appraisal documentation outlining the value of in-kind donations.

  • Aligned with carbon accounting standards, reports can be used to quantify category 5 of Scope 3 emissions.


Simple & Risk Free

Teknion will support you in the process from start to finish.

  • In collaboration with our program partners, we ensure the process is smooth and transparent, with minimal risk to you.

  • We provide Transfer of Title of any assets is provided, eliminating your liability during the transfer of the furniture.

  • Seamless communication and project execution makes Divert a one-stop-shop for your redundant assets. Let us take care of your sustainable decomissioning needs with a simple email or call.



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