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A Conversation on the Challenges + Opportunities of Transitioning to a Low Carbon Economy




A Conversation on the Importance of Community + Connection

Blackhurst Cultural Centre (formerly ADBCC)



taking a fashion approach to photography

Through the Lens



removing the brackets that separate office and residential furniture

Modern Is a Point Of View



Creating spaces that people feel good in

The Art of Interiors



The Stahl House, It felt right

Caught a Vibe



What version of yourself will you be bringing back to the workplace, and will the future office embrace your changed self?

Future you, future me… future office?



Bringing Work From Home Comfort To the Office

What Do I Wear?



reframing why we go into the office

Why go to work?



the same roles, but a different route

Our Routes Have Changed



Embracing the walking meeting

Walk This Way



how are you?

No Really, How are you?



How hearing made me listen without seeing you

Rediscovering the clarity of audio



Design does matter

"Design is an everyday interaction"- Art Gensler 



Observing how People Work at Home Sparks Mini Focus Den Design. An interview with Paolo Aguila

Mini Focus Den



Staying nimble in the face of change, and Luum's design process

De-Excitation Brings Abundance



What bees can teach us about thriving in difficult times

How honeybees inspired me to be better during the Covid-19 pandemic



Had the pandemic struck 10 years ago how would we have coped?




the importance of biophilic design in the built environment

The Restorative Nature of Biophilia



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