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Teknion Bene Box

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Teknion Bene Box comprises simple building blocks that flexibly shape work environments to support multiple team tasks that encourage lively group dynamics and creativity. It’s the ideal multi-functional modular furnishing system, combining desks, tables, stools, benches, lecterns, platforms, shelving units, storage tower and more.

Teknion Bene Box is the result of a new partnership with Bene, an international leader in design and furnishing modern office and working environments. 


• Bene Box easily assembles, disassembles and can be modified by hand in just a few quick steps to create whatever settings are required

• Boxes can be used to flexibly shape space to support a number of different team tasks, creating spaces that encourage lively group dynamics and creativity. Their flexibility makes them perfect for startups and coworking spaces where tomorrow is always the unknown

• Bene Box solves the problem of multi-purpose rooms and team spaces where the action changes day to day

• Build and rebuild, mix and remix to create just the right format for a work session or a celebration

• Teknion Bene Box is always a work in progress

• Manufactured to the highest standards in North America

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