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Grupo Familia, a global company that specializes in personal care and hygiene products, invested in a new headquarters building with 69,000 sq. ft of workspace, consolidating office space from four buildings located in different parts of Medellin Colombia. 


 The project challenge was to create a new work environment that would bring important elements of Grupo Familia’s culture to life by influencing how the space is experienced and to inspire acceleration of becoming a sustainable enterprise.

StudioSUR based their design concept on Grupo Familia’s pillars of sustainability: Purpose, Innovation, Low environmental impact and wellbeing to create a space that promotes collaboration, creativity and a sense of belonging among its employees. Under the concept of Experiential Visual Identity, six Grupo Familia brand attributes were identified as design drivers: transparency, warmth, order/cleanliness, simplicity, innovation, and flexibility. The selection of office furniture was important to integrating these concepts. 

The Teknion team developed a deep understanding of Grupo Familia’s and StudioSUR’s principles and design tenets to articulate a product proposal that would most effectively interpret these principles. 

Insigma Asociados, Teknion’s Dealer partner, worked closely with StudioSUR and Teknion application specialists to determine the ideal products for the workspace. 

Teknion's Altos innovative architectural wall system was chosen because it offers maximum functionality while maintaining a clean aesthetic. The use of glass walls and white color metal frames in closed offices and meeting rooms also contributed to delivering the clean aesthetics and transparency the designers wanted to infuse into the space.

UpStage was selected for the workstations, adding a fresh, new-century furniture look, while offering remarkable functionality and reconfigurability. Expansion® Casegoods, storage solutions provided a clean, modern, yet warm look and feel that completes StudioSUR’s minimalist biophilic vision for this project. 

The high quality of design and durability of the Teknion products as well as Teknion’s commitment to sustainability were deciding factors in being awarded this project, as they greatly contribute to Grupo Familia’s ultimate goal: to have a workspace that houses their sustainable transformation over the next sixty years.

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