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North 56

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North 56 is a series of multi-use wood chairs and tables designed to fit a workplace that’s more relaxed and congenial; more welcoming in look and feel. Engaging the talents of diverse designers, each collection highlights craft and the beauty and warmth of wood. Equally, clean lines and curves shaped to the body emerge as recurrent themes.

The series takes its name, North 56, from the latitudinal coordinate that runs across Canada, northern Europe and Asia, tracing a line that connects geographies, cultures and design traditions. Drawing from the design ethos of Scandinavia and Japan, North 56 recasts these influences in a fresh, original way suited to contemporary work environments.

With a minimalist approach, North 56 is defined by simplicity and practicality. The seating series is comprised of Sicla, Chez, Arne, Schale and Laru. North 56 tables are available in rectangular, square and round shapes with task, bar and counter heights.


Danish designer Rikke Frost shapes the Chez chair with a circular seat. Minimal structure and simple materials give the chair an informal air. The designer’s attention to utility is evident in the way the rolled backrest detail of the Side-Sit chair meets and is mounted to the metal frame, creating a place to drape or rest the arm. This detail also ensures a firm grip when moving or stacking the chair. Chez is comprised of a Side-Sit chair, side chair, counter stool and bar stool – each with a round, slightly scooped seat that unifies the series. The seat bottom is mechanically fastened, allowing one to replace or exchange wood and upholstered seats. Chairs are also available with an upholstered seat and back pad.


With Sicla, designer Claus Breinholt has created a modern “basket” chair, with a lightweight shell curved along the edges to obtain strength and stability. Adding a detail and dimension, the inventive design incorporates a rib that leads around the back of the chair and along the armrests. The rib ensures structural integrity while providing a distinct design language. Featuring ash wood components, Sicla is available with a 4-leg wood or metal base and as a rocker with a wood sled base. A five-star base is also available. Each model offers the option of replaceable seat pads or single-unit seat and back pads.


Designer Tom Stepp expresses Nordic traditions in Arne’s sparing use of materials, shapely shell and the structural elegance of cross-bracing under the seat. Revealing a rare fluency with wood, the chair is built to follow the human form. Made of solid oak, Arne is also available with upholstered seat and back pads.


Designed by Tom Stepp, Schale offers a refined expression of Nordic design. Evoking the sculpted shape of a seashell, Schale – which translates to “shell” – demonstrates a true mastery of craft and a rare ability to balance purity of line with a warm, welcoming presence.

Using a minimum of components to create a comfortable seat, the back encircles the body and flows into tapered armrests that permit freedom of movement. Made of solid oak, Schale comprises an arm chair, counter stool and bar stool. Arm chair options include replaceable upholstered seat or upholstered seat and back; the stools are also available with a replaceable upholstered seat.


Originally launched by Teknion in 2019, Laru shares the same design ethos as the North 56 series and is rolled into the North 56 wood series collection. A model of advanced wood craftsmanship, Laru was designed by Mika and Julie Tolvanen in Helsinki. Providing comfort with minimal bulk, the frame is made of solid oak with a curved oak veneer back and a scooped plywood seat. The seat bottom is mechanically fastened, allowing one to replace or to exchange wood and upholstered seats. Advanced techniques produce Laru’s unity and fluidity, the smooth curves and neat joinery that allude to craft and quality.


The North 56 table collection features the same minimalist design that complements the seating series. Danish designers Steffensen & Würtz embraced the warm and relaxing mood from home furnishings to create tables suitable for a range of different chair styles. Demure and elegant, North 56 tables express character with beautiful angular legs and structural apron. Rectangular, square and round shapes are available at task, bar- and counter-heights. Most models have integrated in-surface and under-surface power options; the rectangular two-piece split top allows for easy integration of user edge electrics.

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