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Essa Mockup

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Designed for Teknion by Pearson Lloyd, the Essa task chair takes its name from the word essence, selected to capture its pared-down scale and pure, sculptural shape.  A soft task chair, Essa takes cues from a classic club chair – stressing simplicity, softness and a rich materiality.  In essence, the chair looks like the comfort that it is.

Given the move towards an office with a “softer edge”, the need for a light, less technical task chair has emerged.  Essa combines elegance with ergonomics, providing just the right amount of support through curves and contours rather than multiple adjustment mechanisms.  Promoting natural shifts in position, Essa is ideal for mobile workers and active work settings.

Essa is modern, refined and receptive, with the sweep of the back echoed by the fluid line of molded armrests.  Visual and tactile richness is added with fabric that covers the seat and back.  In scale and shape, materials and details, Essa is a pleasure to look at, to touch and to use.

Essa is available with or without arms and in three finishes applied to look “fully dipped,” achieving a nearly seamless finish that maintains a unified form. Frame finishes include Atrium White, Clay and Blackstone.


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