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Reception Desk Module - Straight (B_CRF)

Reception Desk Module - L-Shaped (B_CRL)

Reception Desk Module - U-Shaped (B_CRU)

Main Worksurface with Two Gables - Reception Desk (B_CWG)

Main Worksurface with One Gable - Reception Desk (B_CWL)

Main Worksurface - Reception Desk (B_WU)

Cross Grain Return - Reception Desk (B_CWR)

Reception Desk Element - Tackboard (BCAT)

Reception Desk Element - Accessory Rail (BCAR)

Straight Countertop (B_CSS)

Single Bullet Countertop (B_CSB)

Double Bullet Countertop (B_CBB)

Straight Corner Countertop (B_CSR)

Bullet Corner Countertop (B_CBR)

Countertop Element - Tackboard (BCFE)

Countertop Element - Perforated Metal (BCPE)

Countertop Element - Solid (BCLE)


Reception Desk Element - Accessory Rail (BCAR)

"The Reception Desk Element Accessory Rail is installed on the inset panel of the reception desk module. It is designed to support compatible Personal Organizers and Book Organizers. It must always be supported by a worksurface."



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