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The Laru Wood side and armchair family represents a more human approach to typical contract wood seating, one inspired by the qualities of nature. The chair frame is solid oak with an oak veneer back insert panel and plywood laminate seat. The all-wood side and armchair seamlessly blend easy forms and emphasize craftsmanship with bent wood, invisible joinery and elevated wood grain details. Laru is understated, neutral, soft and friendly.
Laru is the local name for Lauttasaari Island in Helsinki, and the home and studio of Laru chair designers Mika and Julie Tolvanen. The chair is produced using the latest advanced techniques for making curved parts. Its curved frame serves as a very tactile integrated handle against the inlaid wood panel on the back side. Both the armchair and side chair are available with wood or upholstered, cushioned seats. The enclosed seat bottom is mechanically fastened, allowing seats to be replaced or exchanged between wood and upholstered. The side chair stacks four-high.

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Winter 2021

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