NeoCon 2019


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Every physical space is an idea, a message and a signature. Spaces speak a language and tell stories. This year at NeoCon, our dialogue is inspired by recognizing how workplaces can be designed to communicate and influence company culture.

What does your space have to say?


Known as one of the founders of digital illustration, John Hersey has created a mural (displayed prominently in our showroom) that uses stylized graphics to convey the complexity of today’s office − a landscape of diverse activities difficult to capture in a single photograph. While this mural evokes language tools, it’s context that matters. Every element of design functions in concert with all of those around it. Color and texture, the furniture and finishes create a visual language. Scale and form are instant communication. Materials such as wood, metal and textiles are tied to the language of sensation and significance.

Teknion's 2019 showroom considers three types of work cultures − how they differ, how they are alike, how the culture feels and how it is expressed through space design and furniture application. We call these Agile, Aligned and Astute.

The work culture we call Agile thrives on action. In this culture, people move nimbly from one task to another and from place to place without fixed address: exchanging one’s place at a desk to sharing a sofa, from gathering at a table to finding a quiet corner or booth to escape the buzz. Ultimately, the furniture and the space represent a culture that serves people who seek a high level of participation and collaboration.

Stable structure, proven processes and a narrative that informs culture are characteristics of an aligned company culture. An aligned work environment addresses the broad spectrum of work. This is a varied and amenity-rich workplace, one that enables group work and protects privacy. Equally, the design of the office, its format and furnishings, should allow the company to evolve and transform over time.

Prominent, long-established astute companies prove the merit of rigor in doing business, yet many also see value in loosening organizational structures and relaxing the formality of the workplace, if not the work ethic. Rather than building a culture, time-honored companies may lean towards preserving culture, maintaining the norms of behavior and a traditional workplace. At the same time, most leaders know that a healthy culture needs to evolve, to be adroit enough to adapt when change can propel business forward. Many established firms are now looking for creative ways to integrate new workstyles and workplace formats to create a less “stuffy” office.

Product Highlights

Emote Private Office

(Launching September 2019)

Emote transforms the private office into the creative office, one with a fresh look and the freedom to function in multiple ways. Comprising Desks, Thought Boards, Personal Desk Accessories and Cabinets, Emote brings an expressive quality to the workspace through a palette of new paint colors that provides nearly endless combinations of finish options. Designed by Mario Ruiz.

Teknion Bene Box

(Launching September 2019)

Teknion Bene Box is the ideal multi-functional modular furnishing system, combining desks, tables, stools, shelves and storage space to create flexible options for any room, and for an entire floor plan. It easily assembles, disassembles and can be modified by hand in just a few quick steps to create whatever settings are required.

Tek Booth

(Launching June 2019)

Booth-like enclosures have become popular in today’s office environments, providing a shared place for occasional, short-duration retreat from the open plan. Tek Booth’s combination of acoustic privacy, fine-tuned interiors and virtually unmatched array of interior and exterior finish options set it apart.

Height-Adjustable Systems Integration - Navigate

(Available Now)

Teknion is expanding its Height-Adjustable Bench product line to include a Navigate-based offering. The same modern design, soft edges and new materials found in the Built-In and Freestanding versions of Navigate are used throughout HAB Navigate. Highlighted by new Double-Sided and 120-Degree benches, HAB Navigate focuses on compatibility, shared components and the ability to mix-and-match frame styles throughout a run.

Teknion Reception

(Launching September 2019)

The function of reception desks, the act of receiving people and the reception needs of different businesses are changing. Teknion Reception takes an innovative design approach in addressing these evolving requirements, while addressing how public and private spaces are blending. To encourage customization, the program offers five distinct starting points of unique desks, bar tops and consoles.

C+D Conference Tables

(Launching September 2019)

The C+D (Craft+Design) Conference Table program brings an artisanal focus back into the boardroom, while addressing the various connectivity needs of the contemporary workplace. Numerous elements, with details that balance artisan craft and function, allow companies to customize the conference tables to fit their own distinct identity. Designed by Mario Ruiz.

Expansion Casegoods

(Available Now)

Expansion Case Goods introduces several new height adjustable options, including this peninsula base which has a smaller profile (12.5” wide) vs the bevel base (24”-36” wide). Additional U shaped run offs are also available.


(Launching September 2019)

Danish designer Thomas Pedersen has combined classic organic lines with innovative ideas and simple details to create the Sprout Stool & Table Collection. Inspired by nature, stools and tables can be displayed solo or as part of a larger arrangement of similar or varying colors and textures. Perfect for use in workplaces, phonebooths, cafeterias, cafes, retail and educational settings.


(Launching September 2019)

Just-Us is an easy-to-use, contemporary chair designed for applications that span touchdown workstations, meeting rooms and enclaves, to the home office. A durable, plastic frame with innate flex and a breathable mesh back are common threads between two chair models − with mesh or upholstered seat. Minimal controls enable multiple users to quickly and comfortably meet, or get to work. Simply adjust seat height, swivel, tilt and lock as desired. Designed by Justus Kolberg.

Naava Healthtech Green Wall

(Available Summer 2019)

The Naava Healthtech Green Wall enables office workers to connect with nature, creating healthier, happier and more inspiring workplaces, bringing them in contact with nature every day. More than a beautiful living wall - it’s also an efficient biological air purifier, humidifier and space divider. The Naava Healthtech Green Wall is the result of a new partnership between Naava and Teknion.

Studio TK – Havn Seating Collection

(Available Now)

Havn is a Scandinavian-inspired seating collection comprising a winged lounge chair and settee. Havn addresses the demand for increased flexibility in today’s workplace. Low-back settees and lounges provide a comfortable area for socializing, collaborative work, or casual interviews, while high-back offerings block distractions for employees as they work on tasks requiringfocus. Designed by Busk+Hertzog.

Studio TK – Freehand Modular Table System

(Available Now)

Freehand is a multi-purpose occasional table system designed for all commercial interiors. Its modular nature and variety of shape and size options allow it to fit any space, serving as a side table or coffee table. Freehand’s wide range of potential finish combinations yields a product that allows ample expression. Specifiers can match the top and sides to fit a consistent brand-centric design scheme, or mix and match to create compelling contrast. Designed by PearsonLloyd.

Studio TK – Clip Seating Collection

(Available Now)

Clip is designed to be inviting and comfortable, with craftsmanship in mind. It functions well in task, lounge and side chair applications. Clip is comfortable enough for lounging, and firm enough for the support needed throughout a workday. The focal point of the chair originates from the idea of the common hair clip squeezing the outer form of the shell and influencing the inner shape. Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Studio TK − Artifort – F500 Series

(Launching September 2019)

Geoffrey D. Harcourt’s design inspiration behind the F500 seating series arose from his girlfriend, who liked to curl up in a cross-legged position. F510, F58 and F587 are swivel armchairs with trumpet bases, informed by a shell-shaped template. F510 is offered with a fixed upholstery detail. F585 has a profile upholstery detail. F587 features a tufted upholstery detail. Each model is available with a painted disc base in 15 finishes.

Luum Textiles – Future Tense

(Available Now)

The Future Tense collection by Suzanne Tick highlights Luum Textiles’ progressive approach to textile design and an emphasis on super scale and the duality of materials. The collection comprises the upholstery fabrics Schema, Macrotweed, Color Fuse and Tilt Shift, in addition to the Actuate multi-purpose fabric. These new fabrics are grounded in industrial design, celebrating advances in conscious manufacturing and sustainability.

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