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Teknion Shows New Tabletop Screen at NeoCon 2018


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Tabletop Screen Designed by Pearsonlloyd Enables Individuals and Groups to Control Levels of Privacy Required in Today’s Open Work Environments

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JUNE 11, 2018

Teknion Corporation today announced that it would be unveiling its new Tabletop Screen offering at showroom #1048 during NeoCon, June 11-13, The Merchandise Mart, Chicago.

“In today’s world, there is a growing demand to manipulate our workspace quickly and easily, to modulate between concentration and social activities. The Tabletop Screen is a simple tool to do just that,” said Tom Lloyd, PearsonLloyd. “Using smart 3D knitting technology, we have produced a simple, freestanding screen that can be quickly and easily moved around a workspace by the user to adjust levels of privacy. The simple cantilevered form was inspired by desk lights and flags, and steered the design towards a simple weighted base and lightweight fabric panel. Lightweight and stable, Tabletop Screens feature a range of colors that will enrich any workplace design.”

Tabletop Screens are available in one height and two widths to accommodate solo and collaborative work, and provide visual and territorial privacy. They can be used universally on any table or worksurface. An elevated base allows the screens to clear power and worksurface objects. The new 3D-knit material imbues the screens with a unique design language while enabling light transmission. Depending on the mesh colors used, Tabletop Screens can either blend with the work environment, or provide splashes of color.

In addition to the Tabletop Screen, Teknion will also be featuring the following new products at NeoCon: Banqs sofas with screens, tables and accessories designed by PearsonLloyd, Swerv Monitor Arm, tn Storage & Accessories collection designed by Toan Nguyen, Punt furnishings, Infinity Screens, Gus* Modern furnishings and Cerebro adjustable desk/monitor arm/lamp concept. In addition, Teknion will be showcasing enhancements to the upStage furniture system. Visit us at showroom #1048.

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