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Teknion Launches North 56 Collection


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North 56, a Series of Multi-Use Wooden Chairs Designed for the Welcoming Workplace

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January 25, 2021

Teknion announced today the launch of North 56, a series of five chairs designed to fit today’s relaxed and congenial office. This collection is about putting people at the forefront of the design process and emphasizing qualities of wellbeing wherever work takes place. With its pure and honest design, each chair can be placed in a private office, conference room, or work lounge and will be able to evolve as needs of workers continue to change

“North 56 was named for the latitude coordinate that runs across Canada, northern Europe, and Asia. It is symbolic of the line that connects geographies, cultures, and design traditions that have shaped rich design history,” says Cam Phung, Design Manager, Seating. “North 56 engaged the talents of diverse designers to create a collection that draws on the design ethos of Scandinavia and Japan. The skilled team of designers thoughtfully recast these traditions in a fresh and original way.”

Designed with a minimal approach, each chair in North 56 highlights the craft and warmth of natural wood.  The series is comprised of Arne, Chez, Schale, Laru, and Sicla.

Arne, designed by Tom Stepp, draws on Nordic traditions’ sparing use of materials. The shapely shell and inherent elegance reveals the rare fluency of wood. The curve of the seat back follows the natural curves of the human form. Arne is also available with an upholstered seat and back pads.

Chez is defined as being at or in one’s place, comprising both location and state of mind. An intuitive and minimal chair designed by Danish designer, Rikke Frost, the Chez series is composed of Chez side chair, Chez side-sit, and Chez stool. The simple structure and choice of materials for Chez side chair gives the seat an informal presence. With attention to utility, Frost built upon Chez side chair to create Chez side-sit who's back provides a place to drape or rest an arm. The rolled backrest ensures a firm grip when moving the chair. Chez Stool’s round, slightly scooped seat unifies the series. The chairs are available in an upholstered seat and back pad.

Schale and Schale Stool are designed by Tom Stepp which offers a refined Nordic design that draws inspiration from the sculpted shape of a seashell. Made of solid oak, the Schale series demonstrates a true mastery in the craft and ability to balance the purity of line with a warm presence.

Designed by Mika and Julie Tolvanen, Laru is made of solid oak with curved oak veneer and exemplifies advanced wood craftsmanship. The curved back and scooped seat provides maximum comfort with minimal bulk. The seat is mechanically fastened to allow for the replacement or exchange of wood and upholstered seats.

Looking to create a modern “basket” chair, designer Claus Breinholt designed Sicla, a lightweight shell with an innovative rib that follows through the back of the chair into the armrests. The rib provides structural support while highlighting a distinct design language. Sicla’s solid ash legs and rocker base connect Sicla in both material and finish with the rest of the North 56 collecction.

Each series is available in six wood finishes - Sisal, Sierra, Truffle, Poppy Seed, Silverwash and Drift Oak - and allows for a mix of dynamic compositions of shape, surface, and material.

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