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Teknion Introduces Bonds, a Series of Modular Seating Solutions


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Inspired by the Concept of the Jacob’s Ladder Toy, Bonds Offers Countless Configurations

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January 25, 2021

Teknion Corporation today announced the launch of Bonds, a collection of adaptable seating, designed by collaborative partners Iratzoki-Lizaso. Seeking a solution for balance between free form modularity and prescribed arrangements in collaborative workspaces, Bonds achieves both with innovative connectivity. The unique solution offers a degree of freedom for the end-user to design various layouts with ease.

“Designers tend to have obsessions over small systems and this was the case with the cross strap system used in the Jacob’s Ladder toy. We thought it was underused and had the potential to give modular seating a new degree of flexibility,” says Ander Lizaso, Designer and Partner, Iratzoki-Lizaso. “We wanted to provide some degree of freedom that featured predictable movement.”

Bonds is ideal in collaborative, social spaces where people tend to gather to work, converse, or relax. The collection is comprised of seating modules that connect in a multitude of configurations and auxiliary tables which provide surface and storage. Tables can be tucked between modules to form a curve or angle suited to any space and activity.  

Each seating unit is enabled with a strap kit attachment which remains invisible while in use. The straps are attached at the bottom corner, allowing the unit to pivot at either end. Each unit can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise a full 180 degrees while remaining attached, allowing for adaptation while providing a degree of control over spur-of-the-moment repositioning by users. Simplicity is also incorporated into its appearance. Softened edges are sheathed in fabric that appears to be folded up and over the top of the seat. Double-stitched seams add a visual and tactile detail that contributes to durability.

Bonds allows for a spectrum of creative expression. Units are built around a 24", 36" or 48" module that can be planned in a variety of configurations. While each individual seating module accepts a single fabric, ample creativity is achieved by applying any combination of quiet neutral tones or vibrant colors; fabrics with a smooth hand or deep texture. Table components are available in a full range of wood and laminate finishes.

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