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Steve Delfino, VP Corporate Marketing & Product Management, Teknion

For generations of architects and designers, the Stahl House has been an embodiment of modernism, or as Sir Norman Foster enthused, “the whole spirit of 20th century architecture.” Like other houses in the Case Study program, the Stahl House was intended to be an affordable structure, built with basic, readily available materials to create a simple form — a modest, modern home.

We knew it was right for our Bow Tie 02 photo shoot.

Our Bow Tie “fashion” photo shoots are conceived as something more than a simple display of furniture. After all, the point of fashion is to create a “vibe” that captures the designer’s vision. The Stahl House has a free and easy vibe that we felt immediately. We allowed ourselves to be more spontaneous, to flow with the slipstream of familiar ideas bumping up against the edge of new ideas.

During the shoot, we found that we used the word “vibe” often. Was it because we were shooting on the West Coast or because the meaning of the word actually applies? Certainly, the spirit of the house — and the drama of its perch high above Sunset Boulevard — makes it a spectacular setting for Valentino and Miu Miu photo shoots, as well as for movies, television and new media.







Given the anxieties of the last year or two, the aspirations exemplified by the Stahl House — and Buck Stahl’s resolve to build a home on an “impossible” site — seems a perfect antidote to our collective jitters. Recently, we’ve all had to confront uncertainty. We’ve had to ask what really matters. How can we be better? How do we untangle all the threads that compete for attention and get back to basics?

On set, we had many conversations about the pace of societal change. Choosing models, we were aware of various attempts at inclusion in advertising that read as an attempt to pander. We knew we didn’t want models to act as signifiers of age or ethnicity. We simply looked for the right model — someone with an authentic spark, an interesting look and natural body language.







In the pivotal year just past, we’ve learned that work is not tied to a location or a clock. It’s an activity. And it’s possible at any time, in any place. Including an L-shaped house that seems to be hanging in air. Our Teknion products need to make sure that “any/every space” feels good, enabling creative, productive work without dictating its form. What do people need to be happy and productive? How can spaces and furniture support the natural rhythms of work?

Ultimately, discussions at the Stahl House went beyond the familiar intersections of residential, hospitality, and office. The Stahl House seemed to blur those familiar lines. The upshot? Be simple and multi-use. Be welcoming and beautiful. Anticipate what people need to be creative and inspired. Quite often, we know when things feel right.

Things felt right.





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Steve Delfino 

VP Corporate Marketing & Product Management, Teknion


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