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Expansion Cityline EZ - AP

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Inspired by the definitive patterns of the urban landscape, Expansion Cityline EZ is based on the concept of planning for a workplace as diverse and dynamic as a modern city. Like the public and private places where resident dwellers work and play, Expansion Cityline EZ offers a highly active setting that allows people to move, to gather and to disperse when privacy and focus is desired. With a unique beam framework and robust accessories program, Expansion Cityline EZ creates workstations, collaborative spaces and mixed-use areas in which people can feel comfortable and empowered as they pursue individual and collective goals.


Expansion Cityline EZ’s unique design creates a beam infrastructure that maximizes office connectivity, serving as a structural spine and as an avenue for data and power to and through work and social zones across the office. As structure, the beam permits 90-degree planning in multiple directions and supports a wide variety of configurations, including double and single-sided formats or acting as a simple, power-enabled fence that allows for direct plug-in to the beam. Height-adjustable work surfaces are easily accommodated. Electricity/data flow through the beam along any path, accessible directly or via a power access door, power module and grommets.


A comprehensive program of accessories and screens enables people to work efficiently and effectively, while also contributing to “place-making” and a distinct work culture. Accessories include freestanding and mounted screens with a choice of surfaces—felt, whiteboard and magnetic metal—to meet personal needs and preferences. Sit & Slide screens allow control of visual privacy. Expansion Cityline EZ also offers storage trays, boxes and “slim-bins” and a range of additional tools designed to maintain easy access to task lighting, mobile devices, mini-whiteboards and other personal items.


Based on the form and fabric of urban neighborhoods and the connectivity between them, Expansion Cityline EZ fosters a lively sense of community by creating an engaging workplace with all the spatial, textural and functional variety of a vibrant metropolitan area.

Beam Structure

• Innovative beam framework permits 90-degree connections in multiple directions with uninterrupted power/data flow, maximizing connectivity with a single in-feed

• Beam easily spans 12 feet with minimum support, creating a clean aesthetic with ample legroom

• Unique structure allows for both single- and double-sides planning formats, balancing work areas with spaces suited to group work and social interaction

• Robust beam construction accommodates direct mounting of cabinets and screens to build up work areas

• Beam conceals wire management and provides users direct front access to power/data

• Beam-mounted cabinets and storage towers integrate with the beam infrastructure, routing power/data through storage components

• As a freestanding fence, the beam accepts tops that function as a worksurface, and a felt seat pad that offers an alternate place to sit or perch

• As a power distribution fence, the beam integrates with freestanding furniture that can be configured as needed

• Height-adjustable run-offs are integrated into the beam structure, creating seamless multi-layered workstations easily alternating between sitting and standing


A robust selection of accessories and screens enables efficient and effective work, contributing to “place-making” and personalization of space

• Sit & Slide screens easily relocate to manage visual privacy and desired function – available in a choice of materials including Felt and Metal with optional Whiteboard or Felt Accessories

• Felt Screens feature stitching detail available in a selection of accent colors or color-matched

• Elevated Desk Shelves can be used with movable Felt Units, Display Boards and reconfigurable accessories such as the Tablet holder

• Elevated Slim Cabinets provide light storage capacity and feature a magnetic glass markerboard for added functionality

• Functional Screens divide space and add vertical storage on the worksurface

• Drawer Modules, placed under the worksurface or on top of any surface, organize work tools and personal items

• Filing Drawer interiors reconfigure using Storage Organizers, designed with two segments fur side-by-side or stacked use

• A selection of screens divide space above and below the worksurface, available in varied finishes and materials : glass, writable glass, fabric, felt, magnetic glass, metal whiteboard

Planning Scenarios

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