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Teknion’s Lockers storage system extends beyond conventional locker programs. It offers bold personalization opportunities and options to match the different needs of individuals across an organization.

The lockers are designed and manufactured using high-quality craftsmanship and modern materials. They bring flexibility, security, convenience and an enhanced aesthetic to the modern workplace. A choice of colors and locking mechanisms to suit the needs of various end-users is available.

Locating lockers within the work environment allows individuals to quickly and easily store and access their personal belongings and work-related materials.

two-door lockers

Two-door lockers provide plenty of space for bulky items, including coats and jackets.

three-doors lockers

Three-door lockers offer generous storage and space organization.

four-doors lockers

Four-door lockers provide secure storage for smaller items in denser floorplans.

lock mechanism

Three optional lock mechanisms are available. The regular lock with key delivers a standard level of security. The numeric lock option provides a four-digit dial of high-level security. The digital lock offers an advanced keypad and a high standard of security.


Ventilation slots in the locker doors encourage the circulation of air.

mail drop

The mail-drop slot is customized for standardsize envelopes, while enhancing locker ventilation.



Locker handles are specifiable in three finish choices − Accent, Foundation and Mica Paint.

label holder

The label holder simplifies locker identification, easily communicating names, asset codes, serial numbers, etc.

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Fall 2023

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