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Untethered: Go Further, Go Anywhere


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What good is a hackable, mobile office if you’re still tethered to outlets and powerstrips?

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Oona Walsh

Director, Corporate Marketing

Teknion LLC



March 20, 2023

Teknion is excited to announce the launch of Untethered, a product portfolio of mobile work tools equipped with battery packs to power your phone, laptop, and mobile TV cart throughout an entire workday. While pulling power from the active battery, the backup packs charge simultaneously and are ready for use when needed. Cobalt-free and UL Certified, the Untethered battery is non-toxic if punctured and can be deconstructed at the end of its life cycle for reuse.

“We see Untethered as the missing link in the ‘hackable’ office–a way to safely and easily extend your portable battery power,” says Dannion Smith, director, product management, seating & ergonomic products at Teknion.

The Untethered Mobile Charging Cart and Untethered Desktop Battery Charger make charging fast and easy. Recharge up to 3 or 6 Untethered batteries to full power capabilities simultaneously and in the matter of two to three hours. The Untethered Mobile Charging Cart draws up to 250W at 120 VAC per three Charging Bays and supports being plugged into a North American 120V wall outlet without worrying about overage with a maximum of 12 batteries per single circuit.

“With so much variation in how ‘back to work’ is being handled, our approach is one of ease and mobility,” says Steve Delfino, vice president, corporate marketing and product management at Teknion. “Between Kiosk, Routes, and Untethered we’ve given our clients a toolkit to adapt along with their evolving working styles.”

With Untethered, you can bring power with you in two ways—on its own using the Untethered Mobile Power Post, or mounted to movable furniture with the Untethered Furniture Adapter. Both tools translate power from an Untethered battery into ready-to-use, 1 AC outlet, 1 USB-A, and USB-C format.

Responsible materials have always been a priority to Teknion, and applying these standards to batteries can be challenging. The decision to use lithium iron phosphate batteries is based on their exceptional safety and reliability. A better environmental option than lead-acid batteries because they do not contain heavy metals or other toxic substances, lithium iron phosphate batteries are also less likely to release toxic gasses or ignite thanks to their chemistry, which further reduces their impact on the environment. 

To learn more about Untethered, please visit https://www.teknion.com/products/product-details?productLineId=5be4a06f-8e7a-673b-a6c8-ff05004460c4

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