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Tech Couture by Suzanne Tick Latest Addition to Teknion Textiles Collection


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New upholstery and vertical fabrics provide warmth, comfort and a tactile experience in today’s digital era of slick tech materials

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November 6, 2014

Teknion Corporation today announced the introduction of Tech Couture – the latest collection by Suzanne Tick for Teknion Textiles that features upholstery and vertical fabrics inspired by artisanal techniques long associated with couture fashion. 

"The design tools of technology have made it possible to create couture looks and techniques, formerly only made by hand with acute attention to detail," said Suzanne Tick, Creative Director, Teknion Textiles. "Cutting, quilting, embossing and stitch work once done by hand are now seamlessly accomplished through CAD work, lasers and computerized machinery. A feeling of grandeur can now be imparted on more modest materials and objects of all scales."

Tick brings this concept to Teknion Textiles, realizing that luxury and well-being come from textured fabrics that impart a sense of hand manipulation and artistry. In today’s digital era of slick tech materials, textiles provide warmth, comfort and a tactile experience in direct contrast to the cold, hard, glossy touch of cellphones and tablets. Likewise, while desiring creature comforts, we are also future-seekers, craving new materials that can be used with the classics to remind us that we are moving forward. The Tech Couture collection captures this dichotomy with textiles that speak to rich textures and colors, quality construction and the spirit of craftsmanship.

Tech Couture features nine textiles: four new upholstery fabrics (Filar, Manier, Stimuli and Synaptic); one new vertical wall fabric (Strio), and four recolored Teknion panel fabrics (Beeline, Linen Weave, Nitty Gritty and Wired Up) that share the same spirit of artisan weaving and textural interplay.

Tech Couture is the fourth Teknion Textiles collection since the September 2013 launch of Surface Tension, which uses duality, contrasting properties and opposing forces to create interest. Duality – which builds on the Surface Tension collection – explores the juxtaposition of textures and lusters within a large range of fabrics. Duality takes this concept further, introducing yet more textures and materials into the brand’s range. Form + Structure references the exaggerated textures, geometric patterns and linear work found in architecture. For more information, visit:


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